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everything is possible in never land

O Bom do Caminho é haver volta
As cores do Mundo
O Outro Lado
Outras tintas de se pintar um mundo
O Sonho
Onde em nós a casa mora
A imaginação preenche
Desbloqueador de imaginação
A casa chamada Terra
Céu carregado de bandeiras
Aborrecida com os temas da época
Amor que nunca acaba, continua
Piadas soltas entre tubarões
Tudo é possível na Terra do Nunca
Perdidos na Terra do Nunca

Awake from the constraint of laziness, reach out to the child that free us, that gives us the passion and madness of total surrender.
We kill the old lady ...
Lost in Neverland, we leave behind the misery, the hard choices, the cracks, the jumps, the last hugs carrying us asleep through life.
Lost in Neverland we are gripped by the songs sung and danced when we were children. Imagination fills our existence ...
Lost in Neverland,we are illuminated by colored sky taken by the beautiful colors of the butterflies. Colors that save the "Courage" drowned in the "Life Passing" River.
Lost in Neverland we forget "time" and its dictatorship imposed ... in the future we imagine the present fleetingly becomes past.
Lost in Neverland we leave the "why" , we explore smiles, smells, sounds and colors, which become moments, moments that grab us forever ...
Lost in Neverland we feed ourselves with love. The love that never ends ... continues.
Lost in Neverland Parents are immortal and Mothers are forever! And the World? It is no longer the world. It becomes life!

 Maisa Champalimaud 2014

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