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"Am I what I paint... or I paint what I am?

This question always haunted me, (...) The path that I trail in painting leads me to "glue" what I am, who I am on canvas, a process of self-knowledge, both the self-portrait as the picture of others.
This process of "schizophrenic tendencies" is liberator, the self-portrait is the way ou that carries out my fears, anxieties, desires.
It is the point unique where I start and where I end. "

"The self-portrait is never just the image of a mirror, the ‘self’  reflected is actively processed, clarified, enhanced, deformed, built. Built why? Because the artist constructs the human proportions to his will, build the expressions, drives and inclinations. The artist undresses completely on the canvas he paints. And he makes this in a more intimate way in the schizophrenic world of the self-portrait. He paints himself in the way he wants to be seen, how he sees himself, looking for ultimate purpose of distinction compared to others. "

"The self-portraits I paint intend somehow save affections. The act of portraying appears this time as a way to suspend time. Faces that are not repeated because the feelings that painted them traveled from me to the canvas, in an one-way journey. "
"Porpusely with no title, so that the word doesn’t influence the viewer interpretation, these portraits are so stripped of connotations, naked, enhancing the power of expressions, colors, forces them just by themselfs."


 Maisa Champalimaud 2009


"The portrait painting is the personification of nervous restlessness entangled on the destiny, the mirror, the instrument on introspection, and in the studio, comes the clear mystification and the logical confrontation of reality that the artist seeks and reality he thinks to unaware. "

"Portrait painting comes, then, as the relentless search of multiple ‘selfs’ that battle each other, in a clash of personalities, often appearing as a complex intra-personal and multifaceted tangle of feelings and experiences that each one and all of us have already experienced."

"When I paint, I paint feelings that only belong to me. I don’t intend to absorb the feelings of the viewer into the orbit of the picture. However, when the painting manifests itself otherwise than by self-portrait, the personality that I paint is strongly impregnated of my most unconscious ‘self’. "
"An Ego that is so strong that imposes itself. 

 Maisa Champalimaud 2011

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