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Verde e Mar
Jardim do Paraíso
Mar e Terra
Confidências entre lobos do mar
Ao mar tudo devo
Look at my hand…
Dinheiro não traz felicidade
Os três amigos
Pop África II
No meio está a virtude
No lugar certo
A ronda do Jeep
Cabra cega
Chocos na brasa
Ilhéu das Rolas
As redes
A casa da árvore
Passa-me o Sal!
Vale mais que Mil palavras
Juntos. Para sempre?
Verde e Mar II
Enfim juntos
Verde e Mar III
No chão
Mãe e Filhos
Tímida…eu? Sim!

With the ticket number XF234 on my hand, and camera case made in the neck. The plane takes off once a week and this is "soft soft" (??) that lands at São Tomé.

On the landing curve it can be seen the green that paints the island ... children wiht outspoken smiles fill the road of glaze color. The wises of the island beckon to the sounds of Africa and the bikes are grouped in swarms ... São Tomé inspires!

In every way we find honesty and purity of those who are "connected" to the earth. Seeds of people are giving tree ... in São Tomé everything sprout fruit ... and then, my camera don’t give me photos, but moments.

 Maisa Champalimaud 2014

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